Down on the farm – Live with Friction Farm

Friction Farm Large Poster

Friction Farm featuring Christine Stay and Aidan Quinn

Click here to watch the show on February 18 2016!

Echo Beach Surf Report presents “Live at Echo Beach” with a performance by Friction Farm.
Tune in at 7PM on February 18th.

Tune in here  to watch the live performance streaming on Thursday Feb 18th at 7P.M. EST. Christine and Aidan will be performing songs from over 50 years of their peculiar songbook. Riding the rails of this great nation while supporting themselves by binding rare books of forgotten esperanto poetry and washing patron’s dishes in countless honkytonks they have created music which embodies their coal fired experiences mired in great literature and baked on grease.

Christine plays bass. Aidan plays 6 string guitar. They both sing. There may be a pig. Don’t miss it!

A stompin’ good time with Micah Scott Live at Echo Beach

Micah Scott springleaf 061815-3

Micah Scott: Musician and percussion dancer

Click Here to watch the show from June 24 2015!

Echo Beach Surf Report presents “Live at Echo Beach” with a performance by Micah Scott (of Killbillies fame) kicking off his summer tour.
Performed live on June 24th 2015.

Tune in here  to watch the live performance streamed on Wednesday, June 24th at 7:00PM EST. Micah Scott shows us how a one man bad does it. Accompanied by the riveting sound of his resonator guitar and a foot stomping rhythm Micah sings original songs which harken back to some imaginary time where Americana meets rock and roll for a swim at Bob Dylan’s backyard pool party only to find itself swimming in Muddy Waters. Don’t try to figure it out. Just click the link and check it out.

Liz Davidsson and Wayne Jones “Live at Echo Beach” on Friday Feb 13th at 7PM

Liz Davidsson and Wayne Jones
Do Liz & Wayne look like they’re afraid of Friday the 13th?

Click Here to watch the show!

Echo Beach Surf Report presents “Live at Echo Beach” with a double header: Liz Davidsson and Wayne Jones streamed live performances on Feb 13 2015

Tune in here  to watch the live performance streamed on Friday, February 13th at 7:00PM EST.  It’s solo acoustic night! Starting things off is the young talent, Liz Davidsson and she’ll be followed by Wayne Jones. Both artists will be keeping it close and personal with just their songs and acoustic guitar. As part of our effort to support original songwriting and music in our groovy tropical locale, highlights from the show will be posted on Youtube and Vimeo, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

We love a parade! Join us on your computer or mobile device on Sunday the 14th of December at 1pm for the JTAA Christmas Parade

JTAA Parade

We have no music to stream from “Live at Echo Beach” this month so instead we will be putting a camera outside the studio to watch our local Christmas parade. It is organized by the Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association and features local business, schools, clubs, scouts, charitable organizations and the odd politician or two. Click below to watch on Sunday at 1PM until the camera battery runs down.



Chip and Laury Roop performed live at Echo Beach on Friday Nov 21st at 7PM. Catch the Stream!



Click Here to watch the show!

The chip & laury show streamed a live performance from Echo Beach Studios as the November installment of Echo Beach Surf Report Presents: Live at Echo Beach!

Tune in here  to watch the live performance streamed on Friday, November 21st at 7:00PM EST.  Chip and Laury braved some nasty weather and played a great set of all original material! As part of our effort to support original songwriting and music in our groovy tropical locale, highlights from the show will be posted on Youtube and Vimeo, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

Chip and Laury combine their talents to create a mesmerizing blend of voice and instrument evoking hints of appalachian mountains transplanted to a beach side campfire. Sit back with your blanket and s’mores and enjoy these catchy songs and cozy harmonies and marvel that there will soon be an addition to the Roop family and we aren’t referring to drummer extraordinaire Neel Shukla who joins them for the show.

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Chip Roop   Guitar and Vocals
Laury Roop  Keys and Vocals
Neel Shukla  Drums

 For more Chip & Laury info check them out here:

The Weedline Band streamed a live performance from the studio on October 25th!

TWB Trove 93

Click Here to watch the show!

The Weedline Band streamed a live performance from Echo Beach Studios for our inaugural 2014 season kick-off to Echo Beach Surf Report Presents: Live at Echo Beach!

Tune in here on to watch the archived performance from Saturday, October 25th at 2:00PM EST.  The band played all original material and sounded great!. We didn’t have too many hiccups (sorry about the mono sound. Future shows will be in stereo.) and we had people tuning in from all over the world. As part of our effort to support original songwriting and music in our groovy tropical locale, highlights from the show will be posted on Youtube and Vimeo, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

The Weedline Band members are :
Mark Zaden – Guitar and Vocals
Dave Oechsle – Guitar and Vocals
Eddie Garczyk – Drums
Ed Groblewski – Bass

The band formed in 2009 and features Mark Zaden’s singing and songwriting influenced by his experiences growing up in South Florida. Mark shared his thoughts on the songs the band performed throughout the show and we’ll be posting an after show interview here soon, so be sure to tune back  in. For more band info check them out here:

iCal file download: Live at Echo Beach: Weedline

Bryce Allyn Performs Live at Echo Beach!

In our effort to add our voice to the promotion of original music and art, we here at the Echo Beach Surf Report kicked off our inaugural “Live at Echo Beach” in studio performance last month with Bryce Allyn from Boxelder and more recently B-Liminal. He treated us to two of his recent compositions “Amends” and “In Time”.  Although he’s been playing an acoustic solo set recently, a few friends dropped in to join us for the performance. Sarah Peak on keys and vocals, Ryan Weidenfeld on the cajon, and Jett Beres of Sister Hazel on bass. You can watch the performance here or on our YouTube channel, Echo Beach TV.

With an inspiring back story, Bryce captured his audience far before the first strum of his guitar. The catchy lyrics and melodic instrumentals had us dancing in our seats. OK maybe 1 or 2 of us were doing the faux acid dance as well. Time to get Bryce booked on some festivals! Each artist added a bit of their own style to the music. Sarah’s vocal accompaniment really brought an extra dimension to the songs. With a repertoire such as Bryces’ many may be curious to see if he can transition to solo artist. No worries mon. If the performance at Echo Beach is any indication, those familiar with his previous work won’t be disappointed by what his solo career has in store.

Share it with your friends if you like it and let us know if there is someone you’d like to see on future shows. In the future we’ll be highlighting area musicians and those passing through this fine fair part of Florida.

There Is No Turning Back For “One Lane Highway”

IMG_4680 - Version 2If the term Southern Rock conjures an image of aged, grey bearded, long hair, grass roots, country men (ZZ Top, The Outlaws, you know what I’m talking about), singing about loss and love, all the while ripping hair raising electric guitar solos; prepare yourself for Southern Rock’s next generation. Here at Echo Beach Studios, we had the pleasure of working with a phenomenal Southern Rock group that goes by the evocative name One Lane Highway on their first as of yet untitled album.IMG_4719 - Version 2

Originally started as a 2 piece band with members Coby Widmer and Ramsey Hopper, One Lane Highway has now grown into a full 4 piece Southern Rock band with the addition of lead bassist Tom Brannon and drummer Grady Bartholomay.  Inspired by bands far before their time, they easily compare to the likes of Lynard Skynard, Blackberry Smoke, and Marshall Tucker Band. That being said, with a respectful nod to those who built the road they travel, One Lane Highway brings something new to the established Southern Rock style.

IMG_4667 - Version 2

When asked what they as a younger generation of musicians bring to the table, they explained “a Reggae fusion” a nearly inevitable blend when making music here in sunny South Florida. The band has been hard at work writing and recording original material for this release; as Ramsey explained “you got to put your head down and start playing till something comes out.” In an effort to change the Southern Rock fan stigma from the classic “hippies” to a younger generation, One Lane Highway has definitely carved a new path. With their “f**k shoes” attitude and laid back style, One Lane Highway is putting their own stamp on the well worn Southern Rock sound.


Imperium has “The Power to Command”

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 5.01.28 PM

Earlier this week Echo Beach had the pleasure of working with some local, up and coming talent. Winner of the 2013 Dwyer High School Battle of the Bands, Imperium shook the walls of our studio with some banging drums and amplifying guitar solos, while recording their first untitled album. Alex Lamb, student of Dwyer High School, gathered his band mates, bass player Ari Weindenbaum, drummer Eric Steffon, and keyboardist Alex Burgess to perform at his schools Battle of the Bands. Derived from Latin, Imperium roughly translated means “the power to command” and thats exactly what this band did. Blowing the judges minds (quite literally) with ear piercing, in the best possible sense, progressive metal tunes they won the judges over and the grand prize. Gifted a 5 hour studio session here at Echo Beach the members, ranging from 17 to 20 years old, certainly left an impression. Starting nearly 5 years ago these young musicians aren’t new to one another. With individual and group experience under their belt they hope to accomplish their dreams of making it big. With inspiration from bands like Children of Bodem and Opeth as well as writing their own music we can’t see why they wouldn’t.