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Imperium has “The Power to Command”

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Earlier this week Echo Beach had the pleasure of working with some local, up and coming talent.¬†Winner of the 2013 Dwyer High School Battle of the Bands, Imperium shook the walls of our studio with some banging drums and amplifying guitar solos, while recording their first untitled album. Alex Lamb, student of Dwyer High School, gathered his band mates, bass player Ari Weindenbaum, drummer Eric Steffon, and keyboardist Alex Burgess to perform at his schools Battle of the Bands. Derived from Latin, Imperium roughly translated means “the power to command” and thats exactly what this band did.¬†Blowing the judges minds (quite literally) with ear piercing, in the best possible sense, progressive metal tunes they won the judges over and the grand prize. Gifted a 5 hour studio session here at Echo Beach the members, ranging from 17 to 20 years old, certainly left an impression. Starting nearly 5 years ago these young musicians aren’t new to one another. With individual and group experience under their belt they hope to accomplish their dreams of making it big. With inspiration from bands like Children of Bodem and Opeth as well as writing their own music we can’t see why they wouldn’t.