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Bryce Allyn Performs Live at Echo Beach!

In our effort to add our voice to the promotion of original music and art, we here at the Echo Beach Surf Report kicked off our inaugural “Live at Echo Beach” in studio performance last month with Bryce Allyn from Boxelder and more recently B-Liminal. He treated us to two of his recent compositions “Amends” and “In Time”.  Although he’s been playing an acoustic solo set recently, a few friends dropped in to join us for the performance. Sarah Peak on keys and vocals, Ryan Weidenfeld on the cajon, and Jett Beres of Sister Hazel on bass. You can watch the performance here or on our YouTube channel, Echo Beach TV.

With an inspiring back story, Bryce captured his audience far before the first strum of his guitar. The catchy lyrics and melodic instrumentals had us dancing in our seats. OK maybe 1 or 2 of us were doing the faux acid dance as well. Time to get Bryce booked on some festivals! Each artist added a bit of their own style to the music. Sarah’s vocal accompaniment really brought an extra dimension to the songs. With a repertoire such as Bryces’ many may be curious to see if he can transition to solo artist. No worries mon. If the performance at Echo Beach is any indication, those familiar with his previous work won’t be disappointed by what his solo career has in store.

Share it with your friends if you like it and let us know if there is someone you’d like to see on future shows. In the future we’ll be highlighting area musicians and those passing through this fine fair part of Florida.

There Is No Turning Back For “One Lane Highway”

IMG_4680 - Version 2If the term Southern Rock conjures an image of aged, grey bearded, long hair, grass roots, country men (ZZ Top, The Outlaws, you know what I’m talking about), singing about loss and love, all the while ripping hair raising electric guitar solos; prepare yourself for Southern Rock’s next generation. Here at Echo Beach Studios, we had the pleasure of working with a phenomenal Southern Rock group that goes by the evocative name One Lane Highway on their first as of yet untitled album.IMG_4719 - Version 2

Originally started as a 2 piece band with members Coby Widmer and Ramsey Hopper, One Lane Highway has now grown into a full 4 piece Southern Rock band with the addition of lead bassist Tom Brannon and drummer Grady Bartholomay.  Inspired by bands far before their time, they easily compare to the likes of Lynard Skynard, Blackberry Smoke, and Marshall Tucker Band. That being said, with a respectful nod to those who built the road they travel, One Lane Highway brings something new to the established Southern Rock style.

IMG_4667 - Version 2

When asked what they as a younger generation of musicians bring to the table, they explained “a Reggae fusion” a nearly inevitable blend when making music here in sunny South Florida. The band has been hard at work writing and recording original material for this release; as Ramsey explained “you got to put your head down and start playing till something comes out.” In an effort to change the Southern Rock fan stigma from the classic “hippies” to a younger generation, One Lane Highway has definitely carved a new path. With their “f**k shoes” attitude and laid back style, One Lane Highway is putting their own stamp on the well worn Southern Rock sound.