Down on the farm – Live with Friction Farm

Friction Farm Large Poster

Friction Farm featuring Christine Stay and Aidan Quinn

Click here to watch the show on February 18 2016!

Echo Beach Surf Report presents “Live at Echo Beach” with a performance by Friction Farm.
Tune in at 7PM on February 18th.

Tune in here  to watch the live performance streaming on Thursday Feb 18th at 7P.M. EST. Christine and Aidan will be performing songs from over 50 years of their peculiar songbook. Riding the rails of this great nation while supporting themselves by binding rare books of forgotten esperanto poetry and washing patron’s dishes in countless honkytonks they have created music which embodies their coal fired experiences mired in great literature and baked on grease.

Christine plays bass. Aidan plays 6 string guitar. They both sing. There may be a pig. Don’t miss it!

One thought on “Down on the farm – Live with Friction Farm

  1. Echo Beach Studios

    We had a great time with Friction Farm and it was a privilege to bring their songs and performance to the Echo Beach Surf Report. Much gratitude to Christine and Aidan for giving us a great performance as well as the background stories to the songs they played and bringing a lively crowd with them as well! As always thanks to the show crew; Michael Todd Lee Photography, Daryell Royer, Pete Levine, and Steve Smodish.
    Keep on Groovin’


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